Professional Roofers in the Midwest

The People Who Make A-R Roofing Great

Our staff takes great pride in our workmanship, integrity, and dedication to customer service. We work together seamlessly, bringing individual talents together to form a cohesive, successful company.

Professionalism • Honesty • Integrity

Our employees are comprehensively trained in not only the technical components of roofing and construction, but in customer service as well, which we believe is one of the most important aspects of a quality roofing company.

Our thousands of customers over the years can attest to the sense of integrity that we instill in every job that we are hired to complete. Honesty in the way that we conduct our business is the core of A-R Roofing.

Meet Our Staff


Daniel Hewitt

Senior Salesman and Project Estimator
3 years experience in roofing sales and estimating. 2017 Salesman of the Year. 2017 'Million Dollar Club' and '100 Roof Club' Award Recipient. 2018 Salesman of the Year

Owen McGuire

Resident Architect and Salesman
15 years experience in construction and architecture. 2017 'Million Dollar Club' and '100 Roof Club' Award Recipient

Griselda Castillo

Executive Accountant and Office Manager
16 years experience in administrative management.

Barron Jones

Managing Partner
25 years experience in residential and commercial roofing production and management. Business development and planning coordinator.

Ivonne Carrasco

Administrative Manager Commercial Division
6 years experience in commercial roofing production. Commercial technical specialist. 2017 Employee of the Year

Julie Lang

Director of Human Resources
5 years experience in the Human Resources field. Research published in The Journal for Research Psychology. Company marketing advisor. 2018 Company "Difference Maker" Award Recipient

Brian Palser

Vice President of Sales
20 years experience in sales and management. Specializes in business development and planning. Company marketing advisor.

Mike Warrington

Resident Engineer/Director of Commercial Estimating
10 years experience in roofing estimating and engineering, Multiple year 'Million Dollar Club' and '100 Roof Club' Award Recipient. 2018 Employee of the Year

Angela Waalkes

Operations Manager Residential Division
4 years experience in residential roofing operations production and repairs. 2015 Employee of the Year

Roger Slief

Western Kansas Commercial Territory Manager
32 years experience in commercial roofing sales and production. Founding member of the Kansas Roofing Association. HAAG certified commercial roofing inspector. Certified Infared inspecter.

Perla Marquez

Administrative Specialist
Company financial account agent.

Kori Walker

Financial Manager
16 years experience in company financial management. Company development agent.

April Stuber

Production Manager Commercial Division
8 years experience in roofing and exterior production. Specializing in commercial logistics coordinating.

Aaron Walker

Managing Partner
26 years experience in residential and commercial roofing production and management. Company logisitics coordinator.

Larry Tonihka

Project Manager
30 years expereince in commercial roofing production and project management