OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but the reality is being green is growing in the roofing industry, and a "Green Roof" is arguably one of the biggest ways builders and homeowners can positively affect the environment and their bottom line. And no, I am not talking about Tesla shingles. I am talking about roof restoration.
A Green Roof or Green Roof Restoration has 3 components that make it pack a big punch for our environment and your pocketbook:
1. It doesn't fill the landfills with numerous tons of asphalt, rubber, and used materials, because the existing roof can be restored with a reflective roof system.
2. A reflective roof system can cool the surface of a roof up to 70 degrees on a warm day, saving gobs of energy for years to come.
3. Restoring a roof with a reflective roof system is almost always significantly more cost effective than total replacement solutions because we are saving labor in not having to tear off the existing roof system.
It really is a win-win situation for both the owner of the roof and the environment. There are a few exceptions where a Green Roof Restoration does not make sense, but as technology marches forward those exceptions are fewer and fewer. Call us to see if your roof is a candidate. You may save enough money that you can still buy that Prius or Tesla with the money you originally had budgeted for your roof.