5 Questions You Should Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Starting Your Project

For your peace of mind, here are five questions that you need to ask a roofing contractor before signing a contract.

Roof insurance deductible laws underwent some changes that can affect all homeowners in the event of needing major roof work done. These changes were implemented in order to protect homeowners from problems that were affecting them for decades

Of course, knowing that the laws have changed isn’t enough to make sure you make the best and most-informed decision should you need a roof replacement, or any similar service done. Instead, you need to know the details regarding these changes, and you need to know them before you find yourself in need of such services.

So, before you find yourself overwhelmed with major roofing issues and a new, unfamiliar insurance deductible law, take a minute to read through this article and familiarize yourself with them. Here are the questions you may be asking and the answers you need:

  • Shady contractors
  • Low-quality roof work
  • Insurance fraud


When Did The New Laws Go Into Effect?

These laws went into effect on September 1, 2019. So, if you’ve needed to make an insurance claim on your roof as of that date or later, you can expect to deal with the new laws and practices.

What Were The Old Practices?

Basically, the old laws allowed roofing contractors to waive homeowners’ deductibles when replacing their roofs. This, in essence, allowed homeowners to get a new roof for free.

Why Was This Still Practiced

Technically, this practice has been illegal since 1989. However, the laws were poorly written and allowed for easy exploits and loopholes. So, it was still practiced simply because it was near-impossible to enforce.

So, What Is the New Law?

The law has been rewritten to explicitly state that homeowners who need to make a roofing insurance claim will pay the entire deductible. It leaves no room for exploits or workarounds.

What Is The Point Of The Law?

While this new law may sound like it’s detrimental for homeowners, it was actually written in order to protect them. Storm chasers would do this shady practice following catastrophic weather and then either leave after the deductible was waived or provide shoddy work. This problem left many homeowners saddled with poorly constructed new roofs while implicating them in insurance fraud.

How Can You Prepare For The New Deductible Laws?

Set aside a new roof budget. Bargain with an insurance provider for a lower deductible in the event of a roof replacement. Get work from a qualified roofing contractor such as AR Roofing Company. We have a track record of quality work and honest dealings, so you can count on us to provide quality work in a fair manner.

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