Synthetic Slate Re-Roof & Repair Service

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what is synthetic slate made of?

Synthetic Roofing Tiles offer an innovative, high-performing product matched with a very upscale, traditional look. They are also a great sustainable option! Synthetic slate roofing tiles are a much lighter and more cost-effective solution than traditional slate. This means there is no need for additional structural support. Synthetic Slate is made by injection-molding petroleum-based materials into metal forms that are cast from authentic slate. Some brands of synthetic slate shingles are manufactured with virgin rubber or plastic, while other products incorporate recycled rubber or plastic, mineral dust, or cellulose fibers. Recycled content usually consists of high-quality post-industrial materials; only a few incorporate post-consumer recycled materials.




Synthetic roofing systems are designed to mimic traditional systems, but in doing so, provide an even more aesthetically pleasing finish. With multiple color options & styles, you can find the perfect roof for your home.



Fire Resistant

Many of the systems we install offer a CLASS A fire-resistance rating! Ask our team about your fire-resistant synthetic slate options.



Durability & Life Cycle

Synthetic roofing systems significantly outperform their more-traditional counterparts, with an estimated material life cycle of 40-60 years.




The manufacturing process, utilization of recycled materials, weight/transportation costs, and product re-use all contribute to the sustainability of the product and can even provide LEED points for qualifying projects.


Our Certifications

In addition to the appropriate GC license, our team maintains industry certifications for roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters and insulation.