Licensed and Insured

Licensed and Insured

Anyone can find a crew and install a roof, but let’s talk reality. The reality is, when an accident happens, you have to be covered by your contractor’s policy. If you pick a contractor that is not fully licensed and insured, you may go through a life-changing event for the worse. We know accidents happen and we want you to be covered when they do. It is not cheap to carry that insurance/bonding, and is a major determining factor when we see much cheaper bids. It is easy to get into the roofing business, but not cheap or easy to do it successfully for 24 years carrying the same exact name and corporation from day one. WE ARE FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED…which means you are protected when we do your roof.


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Midwestern Roofing Company

We’re fully licensed in the Midwest. To protect the properties and liability of our clients, we have both liability and workers’ compensation insurance everywhere we operate. We’re completely covered in the event of an accident, which is peace of mind that you deserve as our customer.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to total customer service and satisfaction, we take great care in making certain that our licenses and insurance are complete and up to date. We have the best interests of our customers in mind in all that we do. By maintaining our licenses and insurance, we protect our customers as well as our reputation for trustworthy workmanship.

We can supply proof of licensing and insurance upon request.